Project Management

“Project Management” has always been a term more likely to elicit a groan than a smile. Nevertheless, the use of project management skills is often what distinguishes an easy, successful project from a painful and unsatisfactory one. In a world where clients and business partners increasingly want a full solution, rather than just the component pieces of design and code, having a dedicated project management is quickly becoming a requirement for any web project.

Web Development

In today’s dynamic marketplace, it is vital that your company has access to the most up-to-date Internet technologies. Web development solutions are developed with your business processes in mind, offering your business a means for running more smoothly and efficiently. I take measures to ensure that your company’s online infrastructure is secure and running productively.

Website Optimization

Website optimization combines design, development, market research and analytics to maximize the performance and effectiveness of your site. Many details influence the effectiveness of your site and they all work together. I bring knowledge and experience with SEO, PPC, SMM and analyzing analytics data to optimize your site and your business.